You know Obama is F*cked when Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) is ripping him!

Don’t know if any of you have seen “The Daily Show” lately but Stewart has been RIPPING the dictator hard. OFF THE HOOK funny. When Stewart is ripping Obama (on a daily basis), you know it’s over.

Here’s an example:

And the mainstream media is picking up on it

[link to]

For those that aren’t up to speed on this topic, here’s a primer.

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Before: Stewart “defending” Obama.

After: Stewart blasting Obama


If nothing else, it shows that people (even liberal minded) are beginning to wake up. Comedians in the U.S. have very loyal followers and lead the sheep. Just interesting to see the reaction.

Of course, there’s not much Stewart can do but poke fun, but it’s irony in it’s purest form.



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