You Will Never Be the Same After Watching this 2 Hour Film

These kinds of films do not get watched in schools. Do you think the elite might have something to do with this? Since they are the ones who have set up the American system of education, of course they do.

Once a person watches this film, they can never think about the world, and those who run it from behind the scenes, the same again. After watching this film, people will never leave the running of any nation to the elite. They will get involved to make sure something like this never happens again.

And since we here in the United States are scheduled for the same kind of treatment that Russia received at the turn of the 20th century, it is time that each person who watches this film stand up and get involved. The first thing to do is make sure more and more people see this film. The second thing to do is to get involved on the local level.

It’s the local level where we can make change the fastest, and if that change means we may have to vote to leave the Union, so be it.

At the moment we are facing the possibility that the 2nd Amendment may be infringed. The second amendment to our constitution has nothing to do with hunting or personal protection. It has to do with the people of the United States defending themselves from their government.

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I personally believe that every community should have enough arms in their armory to defend itself from any kind of attack. We have given this right of self defense over to the police and the military, both take orders from government.

Our Constitution states that an Organized Militia must exist. Rather than defending the individual right to own guns, we should defend the individual’s right to be a militia man/woman and be organized for the defense of ourselves, our towns, our counties, states and finally our nation.

What this film shows could not have happened in Russia if every community had an organized militia.

Please remember, that before Lenin, Hitler and Mao tse Tung could have murdered the hundreds of millions that they murdered, they first disarmed the people… down to pitchforks, knives and other farm equipment. Please also remember that all of the tyrants in the last several hundred years were financially backed and/or trained… or both… by the elite who now have their sights trained on the United States.

Watch the film… Think… then Act to make sure this does not happen ever again, anywhere on earth.

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