You will not believe how much money the U.S. government is going to literally throw away

From Economic Policy Journal:

Not only has the U.S. created a disaster with the unconstitutional invasion of Afghanistan, but now that it’s been forced to retreat, it’s leaving behind some stuff…$7 BILLION worth!
The Washington Post reports:

Military planners have determined that they will not ship back more than $7 billion worth of equipment — about 20 percent of what the U.S. military has in Afghanistan — because it is no longer needed or would be too costly to ship back home.
What’s $7 billion when you can always just turn on the taxpayer spigot?

And doesn’t Bernanke create $7 billion just in his sleep?

What’s the big deal?

Maybe this blatant display of waste will irritate the average Joe American (for a few minutes). But what will he do? He went through the government education system. The worst thing that he’ll say is that government needs to allocate its resources better; plan better, etc.

We libertarians see it differently, of course.

It’s all waste.

Governments, after all, have no way of rationally measuring how to allocate resources. Every step is a kick to our teeth.

Murray Rothbard pointed out the differences of how the private sector allocates resources vs. the government:

The productivity of the private sector does not stem from the fact that people are rushing around doing “something,” anything, with their resources; it consists in the fact that they are using these resources to satisfy the needs and desires of the consumers. Businessmen and other producers direct their energies, on the free market, to producing those products which will be most rewarded by the consumers, and the sale of these products may therefore roughly “measure” the importance which the consumers place upon them.

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