You won’t believe what U.S. thieves are targeting now

From Financial Armageddon:

In “Thieves Expand Their Horizons,” I noted that America’s “recovery” had “spawned an illicit interest in items that have not been traditionally targeted by criminal elements,” including utility poles, air conditioners, hot air balloons, ammonia tanks, and outdoor furniture. A follow-up post, “Thieves Still Expanding Their Horizons,” added livestock, pets, prescription drugs, tailgates, fishing reels, medical services, and bridges to the list.

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But that wasn’t the end of it. Despite all the “good news” we keep hearing lately (not to mention a stock market that only goes up), it seems that the range of goods and services being wrongfully acquired (and likely sold for quick cash at a fraction of their true value) is expanding fast, as the following reports attest:

… Law enforcement officials across the country are puzzled over a crime wave targeting an unlikely item: Tide laundry detergent…

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