Your tax dollars are being used by the BLM to take your land and your water. If an official is appointed and not elected, he/she is criminal.

While you work to pay for your mortgage and water bills, that very money and your tax dollars are being used by all three levels of government to steal those very things from you.

In other words you are paying to have your land and water rights taken from you.

This is a must watch video to understand this shocking criminal cycle within all levels of our government to steal your land and water.

If an official is appointed instead of elected, this should raise a red flag to you. Watch and learn.

LINK FROM VIDEO: Published on Apr 4, 2016…

Leo Stratton YouTube Channel:

Dateline February 4 2016, Federal Grand jury returned an indictment to prosecuters charging Ammon Bundy and 15 additional suspects at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Or. , a week later on february 11 2016 law enforcement escorted the Rev. Franklin graham and Nev. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore to the Refuge where 4 remaining individuals surrendered, the media collectively called these individuals extremist, criminals, among other terms, but a group of individuals supporting the Bundys, Hammonds, jailed suspects, have teamed together and found documents that lead to the determination of their innocence, and to the conspiracy behind the assasination of the suspects leader LaVoy Finicim in an ambush between Burns Or. and John Day Or. the officials tied in are powerful, wealthy, individuals who used innocent ranch and land owners, private citizens, to line their own pockets, it eventually ended up causing the murder of Mr. finicim,