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“YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!” Hannity offers a 10K BET and calls out Democrat Congressman for lying about special Obamacare deal

“YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!” Hannity calls out Democrat Congressman for lying about special Obamacare deal…

You must see Hannity CALL this Democrat out for LYING…
he offered 10K to PROVE he is not in an ELITIEST HC PLAN


Sean Hannity EPIC Shoutfest with Dem Rep Bill Pascrell Over the 72% subsidy that congress gets….

Calls the Democrats ELITIST….



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  • C101

    The Democrats (Marxist) look like freaking fools as they? desperately try to ‘Zimmerwald’ anyone who objects and/or refutes their stinking lies.

  • C101

    There are plenty of sings pointing at another false Flag attempt in the US. Expect something when the Truckers role in D.C.

    Don’t shoot the messengers.