Folks, we here in Canada need help as this seems like a nail being ready to be hammered into our coffin.

There is a bill currently in parliament right now, Bill M-103, which was promoted by an MP from Mississauga/Erin Mills (which is basically a suburb of Toronto which houses tons of Muslims as they seem to migrate there), named Iqra Khalid.

This bill will make any speak about Islam in negative light, a criminal offence. !!! ONLY ISLAM !!! No other religion is protected under this bill, and we have no other bills protecting other religions… this is the only one!

Trudeau is basically going to attempt to take away free speech from ALL Canadians, to appease a small minority group. This asshole and his agenda for votes needs to be stopped ASAP.

Please PIN this. All Canadians need to know about this bill, and I encourage all to forward this information to their friends/family. This cannot happen, and if it does, we are going to start to lose everything in this country. This is not the country I’ve grown up in all my life, and I’m not even pushing close to 40 yet… yet we’ll give it all up in the name of Political Correctness.

Here is the bill for all the anons posting that this is fake:

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To our American friends, please also spread to get this information out among your crowds so it can be seen, and hopefully stopped. If not, you’ll need a border wall on the north side too.

The first link is a spearhead movement and petition. Please sign for your safety.


h/t Nikel-n-Dime


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