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5-Must See Charts For Retirement Distributions

by Richard Rosso, RIA “With every new wave of optimism or pessimism, we are ready to abandon history and time-tested principles, but we cling tenaciously and unquestioningly to our prejudices.”  ? Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor I...


Used-car prices crash to lowest level since 2009

From ZeroHedge: The U.S. auto market is at an interesting crossroads with used-car prices crashing to new lows every month while new car prices continue to defy gravity courtesy of a somewhat “frothy,” if not...


‘Deep’ subprime car loans hit crisis-era milestone

From Bloomberg: Amid all the reflection on the 10-year anniversary of the start of the subprime loan crisis, here’s a throwback that investors could probably do without. There’s a section of the auto-loan market — known in industry...