Google affiliate AdRoll just pulled $3.3 MILLION DOLLARS from Infowar’s revenue! Pulled their ads for being a conservative site. Absolutely insane. True censorship.


Silencing the opposition when you’re left-leaning = RESISTANCE!

Silencing the opposition when you’re right-leaning = FASCISM!

InfoWars panics as $3.3 Million vanishes overnight! Under attack by DC’s collapsing Regime, Alex Jones begs viewers for help as InfoWars’ 2017 budget gets stolen in broad daylight!

Under orders from above — possibly from George Soros — AdRoll dumps InfoWars mid-contract. This attack cripples the InfoWars marketing platform — and vaporizes $3.3 Million!

The Deep State’s goal? Censor alt-media and kill platforms challenging the corrupt and blackmailed DC establishment.

But under this Soros assault, must Alex Jones keep slamming the Panic Button — or use a time-proven remedy to save InfoWars and lead alt-media to Free Speech Paradise?

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