Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next…

This video I found explains what mass muslim migration has done to Sweden and the bleak future Sweden has over the next few decades.
The swedes far left liberal approach has destroyed their own country. Sweden is no longer the image you once had…..Swedenstan has arrived.
We must all understand the serious concerns and threats we are under and learn from the mistakes of Sweden. Do not allow your country to be next, Sweden has fallen….


16 y/o German girl talks about muslim immigration, destruction of her own country (Engl. subs)


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  • Soft Serve

    And I thought Germany and Sweden were different countries.

    • Jeffrey Spinner

      Strawman argument softie. Take your softon and try someplace like Drexer, since there’s no intelligence there.

      • Soft Serve

        No, idiot, when an article says “Sweden” but the facts and/or supporting opinions (in this case a video) are about Germany, from Germans, in the German language, recorded in Germany, the article is open for ridicule. Sweden is not Germany, no matter how hard you try to claim that distinction is a straw man. Do you even know what a straw man is? Because that isn’t one. It’s just really poor writing.

        Do you even know what posting I’m writing about, or do you automatically take a contrarian position and make a random claim (like it’s a straw man argument)?

        • Randy

          So what, then, was the point of your terse comment there? I read it as you were denigrating the video because you thought that someone had purposely mislabeled the video in order to gin up some extra views.
          Here’s the point, since you obviously have missed it. Sweden has fallen to the pseudo religion of Islam due to their idiotic far left political doctrines and total political correctness crap, and Germany will soon be in the same stinking, sinking boat.
          And another thing that you need to realize, is that these Jihadist rapefugees are in general too low of IQ to be “your new workforce” as Merkel likes to claim. Once they have destroyed Sweden, Germany and any other nation where they bring ruination by bankrupting it, there will be no more welfare checks going out to them. And then the lands that they have invaded and driven into the dirt will look just like the crap hole that they left behind!! No running water, no sanitary facilities, etc.
          Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political movement that is disguising itself as a religion. And in that politically correct disguise, it works its acts of destruction. Islam is like the Bubonic Plague, where after enough bodies are infected, it dies out because there aren’t enough live ones in close proximity left to keep it going. Once the body is dead, it cannot play host to the bacterium or fleas that spread it. Once too many nations have died the gruesome death of Islamification, there will be little communication between them in any form, so the inbred idiots who promote it will not be able to do so anymore.

          • Soft Serve

            I’m not reading your comment, because you didn’t read mine. I am criticizing the lazy “journalism” that wants to draw a conclusion about Sweden and uses German video of a German in Germany speaking German about Germany’s situation to do it. That makes as much sense as using Brazilian video from Brazil in Portuguese about Brazil and then saying “Look How Screwed-up Mexico Is”.

          • Soft Serve

            And they only now added the Swedish video (responding to my criticism?), but the German video (which originally was the only one) is still there and is still German, not Swedish.

    • Stop Bush and Clinton

      They’re both slaves to the Brussels dictatorship.

      Contrary to the belief commonly expressed here, immigrants are NOT the main problem in either of those countries. The real problem is the Brussels dictatorship and the corrupted media. They use “bad immigrants this” and “bad fake refugees that” to distract from the much bigger problems they’re causing. (Among other things, just what generates the refugee flood? Right, it’s the fact that the corrupted criminals in DC and Brussels bomb the countries they’re coming from! Stop the wars and there won’t be a flood of refugees.)

      That’s not to say massive immigration is not a problem at all – but the real problems being kept out of the public’s attention by all the outrage are far worse.

      • Soft Serve

        The posting was supposed to be about Sweden, but the content was about Germany. It’s just incoherent writing, and Brussels didn’t make it incoherent writing.

        • Stop Bush and Clinton

          True, but thanks to the Brussels dictatorship, there’s not very much of a difference between these 2 countries anymore.

  • hvaiallverden

    I dont care anymore, the Sweds and the rotten Germs, both got what they deserved, I have NO sympathy with them what so ever, I hope they get MORE millions more rapefugies, let the flow explode, why, because both country’s have sucked the Tribes dicks and is ass-liking the wankees for decades and wars whom have killed millions and displaced more millions, and where both have their parts of it.

    THEY and the Wankees created this flow, and now they whine about the refuges, what an sickening pathetic bunch of PC.infested creeps, trying to portray them self’s as victims while they have and did nothing to stop the wars.


    • Randy

      You are pretty close to the truth there. These nations HAVE brought all of this woe and misery upon themselves by their criminal actions. Very few have clean hands here.

  • Johnny Jones

    Another zionist infiltration.

    • Itinerant

      Yes that’s right the Islamification of Europe is really in Israel’s interest- alternatively you’re talking out a hole in your head.