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Global Debt Bubble Understated By $13 Trillion Warn BIS

by GoldCore – Global debt bubble may be understated by $13 trillion: BIS – ‘Central banks central bank’ warns enormous liabilities have accrued in FX swaps, currency swaps & ‘forwards’ – Risk of new liquidity crunch...


China’s Property Market Cools… Consumer Seeks ‘Debt Relief’… Former BIS Chief – ‘System Dangerously Unanchored’… Stock Market Reversal Could Happen Quickly And Strongly…Likely To Induce Panic

Former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements, William White, told Bloomberg TV recently that “the system is dangerously unanchored.” This is not the first time White has issued a warning that global...


Debt & Money

by Dave Money is grouped into a number of (increasing) categories. Cash [FRED: CURRCIR] – actual FRNs, in circulation or in the vaults of banks 1.57T Cash + Bank Deposits @ Fed: [FRED: BASE]...