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LIST OF McCAIN DONORS – Includes Saudi Royals , Rothschilds, Soros , Teneo = Clintons , Walmart = Hilary Clinton sat on the board

They are the NSA Gods of Cyber Espionage. The elite of the elite . http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/equation-group-meet-nsa-gods-cyber-espionage-1488327 http://observer.com/2015/02/equation-group/ Paul Singer was an original funder of the dossier http://www.newsweek.com/who-peter-singer-billionaire-gop-donor-accused-funding-trump-russia-dossier-695930 h/t Jack


HUGE! MCCAIN was notified by official documents that Uranium was being transferred to Moscow in 2015. He passed it off to a congressional liaison rather than handle it as the ranking member of Homeland Security and Governmental affairs committee, and the Investigations subcommittee.

Here’s the official response to McCain from the NRC. He should have asked more questions. https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1512/ML15124A777.pdf This is also directly connected to Uranium one as the Tenex, the receiver of the shipment is a Russian...