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MSM Ignores Massive Pedo Investigation

By all accounts the Trump Administration has waged a silent war due to the lack of any mainstream media coverage on the underbelly of a human trafficking network of pedophilia. Already arresting 1500 scumbags...


Wikileaks: Bush Administration fired 8 U.S. Attorneys to help cover up a pedo ring being run out of the D.C. Ritz involving Congressmen, Senators & reporters

https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/47/475107_agents-bush-firings-obstructed-sex-spy-probe-.html AGENTS: BUSH FIRINGS OBSTRUCTED SEX / SPY PROBE AGENTS: BUSH FIRINGS OBSTRUCTED SEX / SPY PROBE TomFlocco.com Foggo sex ring probe linked to forged Iraq dossier, Israeli espionage, convicted lobbyist Abramoff According to...