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As London Piles Up More Dead Bodies from Yet Another Attack, Now’s A Good Time To Remind Ourselves not All European Leaders Are Cucks. Recent Major Polish Prime Minister Speech: “We will not take part in the madness… We will never agree to it!!”

The Polish Wonder Woman made a major speech recently on terrorism, immigration and the utter cuckedness of the EU. The Poles are not cucked: Pozwoli?am sobie doda? angielskie napisy do przemówienia pani premier @BeataSzydlo....


Maxine Waters takes call from someone posing as Prime Minister of Ukraine. They discuss the sanctions, army placements, election hacking among other things! Isn’t this what Flynn was investigated for?

Pranksters seek US congresswoman’s support amid ‘Russian hacking’ of elections in fictitious land https://www.rt.com/viral/377259-limpopo-elections-hacking-prank/ http://www.theamericanmirror.com/listen-russian-comedian-prank-calls-maxine-waters-poses-ukraine-pm/