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Problem: Economic collapse – Reaction: Mobilize Soros Rioters – Solution: Martial Law, Trump never regains executive powers

Remember this story from a few years back: U.S MILITARY 'QUIETLY GRABS POWER ON AUTHORITY OVER CIVIL DISTURBANCES, CIRCUMVENTS POTUS' http://t.co/BEu7snrK2l (h/t @MsEntropy) — Gregor Peter (@L0gg0l) May 16, 2013 https://www.longislandpress.com/2013/05/14/u-s-military-power-grab-goes-into-effect/ Pentagon Unilaterally Grants...


SOROS at it again – forcing migration into Europe

The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, whom the President of the European Commission famously called “the dictator of Europe” said that Mr. George Soros and his empire of NGOs undermine the national interests of...


George Soros Has Failed

Thomas and Betsy from the American Intelligence Media describe how Hillary Clinton aligned herself and the DNC with factions outside of the U.S. to influence the 2016 election. Her connections didn’t work, her foreign...