Wal Mart Is NOT Going To Order Any More Ammo….RUMOR DENIED… Official: White House To Announce Bullet Control! UPDATE: House Bill Would Ban All Internet Ammunition Sales! ‘Should’ Wal Mart Start To Prepare The Coming Ammunition Regulation?

UPDATE: House Bill Would Ban All Internet Ammunition Sales

by Seton Motley, Breitbart:

In their latest rush to further emasculate the Second Amendment, many on the Left are taking aim at the Internet.

Of course, illegal online sales of weapons and ammunition should be stopped–though the practice isn’t nearly as prevalent as the left would have you believe.

But progressives are also looking to ban legal online sales through a bevy of new gun control resolutions, including H.R. 142, which “would ban Internet or mail order ammunition purchases.”

Meanwhile, the state of New York just passed a ban on Internet “assault weapon” sales. Progressives act as though the move to end all online weapons transactions is just that simple–wave a gavel, pass a law, and it’s done. Just like with guns themselves–declare a gun-free school zone, and all schools will be gun-free.

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I do not have a link as of yet but here is what I have found out…

Stopped by my local Wal Mart this morning. They are out of almost every kind of ammo.
I asked to talk to the person in charge of ordering to see if they had any information on this subject.
The manager I talked to said they had not heard anything…BUT.
She tried to order some .223 as I was standing there. She said the order was being rejected by the corporate office. Said she had never had that happen.

She called corporate as I was standing there.
And was told this. “As of right now Wal Mart is not going to be making any new orders of ammo because of the upcoming decision on the second amendment”. Said, “As of right now we are unsure of what new legislation might be coming, and because of this, we are suspending new orders. We will continue to sell what is already in stock in stores and at our distribution centers, but any new orders will not be shipped until the issue is resolved”.

So after they run out, there will be no restocking until Obama makes his decision…Hows that change working out for you now?

As I said, I dont have a link, but you can call Wal Mart headquarters at 1-800-925-6278 for yourself and ask. After the answer press 2 then 1 then 1 again and wait to talk to a rep. I just did this myself and was told the same thing.

Something must have changed at the meeting they had on Thursday.
Guess we will have to wait and see what Obama has in store for us next.

Guys, I am not making this up…Call and find out for yourself.

Another confirmation:

Home – Audio Blogs > WalMart Federal Gun Control

I just recorded the audio to me calling the corporation and this is all too real. It all comes back to “we have to wait for the President to revise the new law for the Federal Gun Control Act. Then we will change our policy”. – sonarx




Sen. Charles Schumer Ask Wal-Mart And Sports Authority To Suspend ‘Assault Rifles’ Sales

Sen. Charles Schumer says retailers that sell assault weapons should stop offering them for purchase while Congress discusses gun regulation legislation.


respond from Walmart’s media relations team:
Hello, my name is Kory Lundberg with Walmart’s media relations team. Who can I speak with about this story on your site: http://investmentwatchblog.com/breaking-confirmed-wal-mart-is-not-going-to-order-any-more-ammo/?
This story is not accurate and I would like to talk to somebody about having it corrected.
Thank you,

We can’t verify the authenticity of the recording on your site, but I can tell you this information is inaccurate. We continue to serve our customers and haven’t made any changes to our overall policies for the sale of ammunition in our stores.


Thank you,




I just received more confirmation today regarding this issue. Here is what he said

“I called Walmart Customer Service about an hour ago to ask them myself…It’s true. They are not sending any more ammo to any stores pending the White House’s decision re: gun control and the 2nd amendment. Straight out of the customer service rep’s mouth. She said that Walmart Corporate and the White House have been in talks and the decision would be posted at corporate.walmart.com by next week….”

“Wal Mart and Big 5 are not restocking here in California. This is fact but I would love to see more panic buying.It sends a clear messag”

Multiple people are now confirming that the managers at their local Wal-Marts have said they’re getting notices that all future ammo orders will be rejected.

Not sure of the reason yet…could be supply or something to do with the Biden meeting the other day.

Joe Biden Meeting With Video Game Industry On Guns



Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can’t buy bullets; AMMO RATIONING IMMINENT!!!

So was this the reason for Homeland Security buying up billions of rounds? Could THEY be part the actual cause of the shortage? Or is it only the citizens?… I think we all know the answer…

…Thanks to outrageous Sandy Hook fear mongering by the mainstream media and political operatives like Feinstein, Obama, Cuomo and others, the American people have been rushing out to buy up every bullet, every rifle, every handgun and very nearly every gun-related product in the country. This is all because people like Biden, Obama and Feinstein are openly declaring war on the Second Amendment and threatening to outlaw or restrict firearms, magazines and ammunition.

…feds will have a strong ammunition advantage over local cops and sheriffs, since the U.S. federal government has been stockpiling 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition domestically, right here in the United States.

Why does this matter? Here’s why:
…It will ultimately be YOUR ammo
 that will be needed to defend states against an anti-America, anti-Constitution federal tyranny that attempts to invade and overrun states. The People, of course, have always been the common defense against tyranny. In the Constitution, this is referred to as the militia.
It’s a good thing the citizens of America purchase over 1 billion rounds of ammo in the last month,
 as they may very well become the source of ammo for a common defense against domestic enemies of America.


Latest Development: Obama Says Some Gun Control Measures ‘I Can Accomplish Through Executive Action’


“My understanding is the vice president’s going to provide a range of steps that we can take to reduce gun violence,” said Obama. “Some of them will require legislation, some of them I can accomplish through executive action. And so I will be reviewing those today, and as I said, I will speak in more detail to what we’re going to go ahead and propose later in the week. But I’m confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation and that are within my authority as president, and where you get a step that, has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then i want to go ahead and take it.”






Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman threatened Monday afternoon that he would file articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama if he institutes gun control measures with an executive order.

Stockman warned that such executive orders would be “unconstitutional” and “infringe on our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.”


White House readies 19 executive orders on guns

The White House has identified 19 executive actions for President Barack Obama to move unilaterally on gun control, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats on Monday, the administration’s first definitive statements about its response to last month’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Later this week, Obama will formally announce his proposals to reduce gun violence, which are expected to include renewal of the assault weapons ban, universal background checks and prohibition of high-capacity magazine clips. But Biden, who has been leading Obama’s task force on the response, spent two hours briefing a small group of sympathetic House Democrats on the road ahead in the latest White House outreach to invested groups.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/01/biden-guns-executive-actions-86187.html#ixzz2I0u0wOSG

Report: Walmart Forbids New Ammunition Orders

Store managers told they cannot order more bullets until further notice

According to some customers, Walmart has forbidden store managers from re-ordering ammunition inventory until further notice, raising fears that the Obama administration’s gun control agenda is already being enacted via the back door.

On Sunday, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer demanded that gun retailers like Walmart and Sports Authority, “Suspend sales of modern assault-style weapons until Congress is able to fully consider and vote on legislation to curb gun violence.”

“If Congress passes measures to reduce availability of these weapons, those efforts could be undermined by the purchase of thousands of weapons before then,” he added.

Reports from customers attempting to purchase ammunition in Walmart stores suggest that major retailers could already be strangling the supply of ammo in response to government pressure following the Sandy Hook massacre.

A message posted on the DailySheeple website reads, “I’ve read various postings on message boards claiming local Wal-Mart managers told customers they are no longer permitted to reorder ammo inventory. I can confirm this is true.

I went to Wal-Mart today in our town to buy ammo. The case was almost empty. I asked the store manager when new supplies will arrive.

He said, “Corporate headquarters notified all local managers that we can not order any more ammo until further notice.”

Do Wal-Mart executives know that Piers Morgan doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart, but millions of middle class American families are the source of their wealth? What happens to Wal-Mart’s earnings if Middle Class America boycotts Wal-Mart for caving in to Obama?

The notion that such a policy could have been put in place in plausible given that both Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods suspended sales of some semi-automatic rifles following the Newtown school shooting.


More confirmation keep coming in:

Report: Walmart Forbids Store Managers From Ordering More Ammunition

As gun and ammunition sales across the United States skyrocket and store shelves are emptied of just about anything related to weapons and accessories that may soon be banned by the Federal Government, some of America’s largest and most well known corporations are starting to take sides.

Reports have been streaming in over the last few weeks indicating that retail giant Walmart may be standingagainst the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and that their corporate headquarters has taken steps to restrict the availability of ammunition.

The following is an alert sent by a reader to SteveQuayle.com

I’ve read various postings on message boards claiming local Wal-Mart managers told customers they are no longer permitted to reorder ammo inventory. I can confirm this is true.




Official: White House To Announce Bullet Control!!!

President Obama will unveil a sweeping set of gun-control proposals at midday Wednesday, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and limits on the number of bullets magazines can hold, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The announcement, to be delivered at the White House, is also expected to include a slate of up to 19 executive actions that the Obama administration can take on its own to attempt to limit gun violence.  The White House has invited key lawmakers as well as gun-control advocates to appear at Wednesday’s policy rollout, according to two officials who have been invited to the event.


Chris Rock – Bullet Control – YouTube



– Darrell

109 Responses

  1. Susan Duclos says:

    Walmart is asking for store location.. what location did you visit?

  2. Darrell I just called and the guy I talked with was unfamiliar with the ammo problem. He said that coorprate would contact me within 72 hours

  3. Phil W says:

    Sounds like it’s time to boycott Walmart

  4. cant blame them……no body in our govt has the balls to stand up to these tyrannical bastids……..be damned if Walmart can afford to ante up a billion or so just to have it confiscated…….we will see…….

  5. Bryan says:

    That’s OK. I’m never going back into Walmart anyway.

  6. Carl Tapp says:


    • Steve Keys says:

      ROTFLMAO! I’d LOVE TO! However, I don’t know where U R from but my state (OK) said NoBOMA louder than anywhere else (67%). Trouble is most of the rest of yall said “we like it, we love it, we want so more of it!” So the throwing him out boat dun sailed away. And if you’re from a state that grabed its ankles and said “Hit me baby one more time” then I really don’t want to hear from you. If not then all I can say is “I feel your pain” but there aint nothing we can do bubu!

      • AZRanger says:

        Steve, we here in AZ kicked his ass att he polls, and we are about to kick him in the balls over this gun bullcrap! Jest let his little federal agent bitches try ANYTHING in Az, and we will shoot each one of the sobs who mess with our rights! Ify ou don’t believe me, watch the news on Feb 16th for the Pro-2nd Amendment Rally at the AZ State Capital,a nd you will understand we mean business!

      • Rachel says:

        Nothing legal.

      • kind of a stupid statement……..you ging to bame the staes that voted for Obama, even though there were those in the same states that voted for Mitt?

      • Okiereddirtblooded says:

        I agree with Kenny. You can’t possibly make blanket statements of accusations. I am from Oklahoma, born, raised, lived all my life (almost 50 now) till job change took my family and me to the state of Washington 3 yrs ago. There are a lot of irritating things going on in this state that I flat out do NOT agree with and voted against. If you choose to ignore an entire state then you risk isolating yourself from other like-minded supporters who may be very useful and advantageous to you in future events. Just an fyi.

    • hewen1944 says:

      That wouldnt change anything presidents follow orders and have w/o fail since JFK clinton supports the legalization of certain drugs and complete reform but he wouldnt dare say that as president limiting the billions in profits from drug sales by the CIA n the millions made each day from the drug offendors in prison… presidents are nothing but figure heads

    • roberted says:

      I agree except about the “incompetent” part. Obama, the ineligible, identity fraud POS usurper of the presidency is doing exactly what he was put in place to do and I expect faster and more effectively than his puppet-masters ever dreamed could be done.

  7. DeDe says:

    What state?

  8. Jack Levitt says:

    Sounds like a bogus story being circulated by anti-Walmart, pro-union leftist forces.

  9. AZRanger says:

    Screw Wal-Mart, and screw BO! If they don’t want to sell ammo, and support the 2nd Amendment, then I will take my buying dollars somewhere else! If all of us boycotted that decision, they would change heir mind in a hurry! So, that is what I am going to do. Wal-Mart will not see my face until they change their attitude! THis will also hurt Chinese exports, so it is a good thing, too!
    Leet’s get this out over FB and all the social media asap!
    In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,
    Sic Semper TYrannus!

  10. Grant Guess says:

    110% Misinformation. The fact is that all channels of distribution for ammunition have been purged, particularly the lower-end products sold by the big marts, box stores and online sellers.

  11. Josephine says:

    I checked the Ammo last Friday at WalMart and they were fully stocked. Of course I only buy the kind most hunters use and not psychopaths.

  12. expat says:

    You guys should confirm this story, ’cause WM managers do NOT just pick up the phone and order stuff. That is all software controlled from HQ.

  13. Wally World says:

    Obvious fabrication…I have never heard of a Wal Mart employee doing so much work for a customer.

    • TAMI says:


      • NotFawkingMe says:

        Well go out of your way Tami and try to order some .223 and see what response YOU get.

      • truelies2 says:

        Sorry TAMI. Just called Wally World Corporate. Got the run around by some fast talking gal. I said I was concerned about their decision and she related she would pass it on…without knowing what my concern is….I called her on that and got NOWHERE. Upper management has failed big time on this one. Don’t sell ammunition Don’t sell guns. Don’t give a darn about what your customer’s want or think.

      • fmfranklin200 Marion says:

        You Walmart employess are going to be out of work and starving soon because your corporate management are traitorous whores! Don’t get mad at the people when you lose your job because nobody wants to do business with you anymore!

  14. Since Sam Walton died, Walmart has been part of the bigger problem. Only locals get my business now. Osama, errr, Obama is disgusting, but so have been all of the rest, and SCOTUS and Congress. Follow the money. Get ready to meet the DHS, aka the SS.

  15. Rachel says:

    Black Market Ammo…the new Growth Industry (may be the ONLY growth industry)

  16. onceproudamerican says:

    If it’s true their stock is taking a huge hit, and lots of folks will find some other place to shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gary Harper says:

    I had a part time job with Walmart for almost four years. Corporate will not order any ammo because they do not want to get stuck with something they cannot sell later. There may be talk of limiting purchases or prohibiting specific rounds. The first is more likely. Walmart simply does not want to sit on any ammo, they like in the dock and out the door. If vthe second is likely, that is scary, as they sell only rounds for sporting ammo.
    On the positive side, the Wallyworld I worked at never sold guns while I worked there. When I stopped in last time, they sold guns, had the order catalog, and were almost out of guns and ammo. This was about 10 days ago. The clerk and I discussed a few things, including his carry permit, robberies, and breaking and entering. I am surprised Walmart is even selling guns in this store, as they have a high shrinkage rete. They are just making the proper decision to limit the potential for losses.
    The scary part is that they feel they need to do this. Keep on top of thngs. The NRA has a link where you can send a letter to Obama and your Congressmen. You can type in your own text or use a form letter. I advise you to make your own personal position known to those who are going to vote on any gun bill. I did.

    • fmfranklin200 Marion says:

      Too bad that Walmart management are such a bunch of traitors and weak sisters. Penny wise but pound foolish and totally UNAMERICAN!

  18. NotFawkingMe says:

    For those of you saying its not real, I called and spoke to a rep. After the rep confirmed it, I could hear a male voice in the background and then she came back and said “but I dont really think its a forever thing”. Who cares what law is on the books, there should be no legal action to stop the sale of any product. Smoking and Drinking Kills, lets bring back prohibition. Im tired of this bullshit and here pretty soon the US Government will realize just because there are quiet US citizens do not mean they are weak… 85 million gun owners in the US… If 5% were extremists… there isnt nothing DHS or anyone can do. I highly doubt F18s will drop bombs like some moron said in another thread.
    I do however believe it in the Administration to have foreing troops through NATO make the attempt.

    • Srockkk says:

      At the store level it is a 5 week block on orders. That could be extended. I am a supervisor who is able to order ammunition. Not all ammunition orders are blocked as well. I am able to order shotgun and 22 LR shells.

  19. Weggiesq says:

    Am I the only one amazed by people and corporations who are simply accepting an imperial president? The president does not have dictatorial authority to issue an edict that infringes on constitutional rights. Where is Congress in the mix? Are the Republicans going to roll over on gun control like they rolled over on tax hikes? There are a lot of Democrats that will lose their seats if they agree to any gun control legislation banning scary looking guns. I know Obama has already issued executive orders violating the First Amendment, and others violating various federal laws, but at least the First Amendment violations are in court.

  20. The ONLY reason I ever shop at Wal-Mart is to buy ammo or accessories. Go ahead Wal-Mart, make the decision to alienate customers, sure it’ll be good for business. And yes, store staff WILL pick up the phone and contact other stores or even corporate – they did for me when they were out of the ammo I needed.

  21. Jaxbert says:

    I can’t blame WalMart on this. WalMart is not bowing to Obama. To me, it seems they do not want to buy pallets upon pallets of ammo at the current inflated prices, and they may be stuck with it or lose money when the current ammo scare is over and prices come back down.

  22. The Yeoman Farmer says:

    Wal-Mart orders everything from suppliers in enormous quantities. If Obama somehow uses an executive order to criminalize sales of certain kinds of ammo, WM could be stuck with a large inventory it could no longer sell. I suspect that’s what behind this move.

  23. thinking WalMart is doing thins just in case, remember, Obama wants either a ban

  24. this…just in case, Obama wants to either limit or TAX the crap out of ammo, and require a background check for same ammo, This is all Obama, can’t blame Walmart,it’s a business dead…………

  25. I’m calling them now to tell them I will not shop in their stores again.

  26. magnetik says:

    they should quit selling knives and liquor while they’re at it.

  27. Robbin says:

    Was told by a wal mart associate in sporting goods in Spartanburg south Carolina that corporate had STOPPED all new orders of ammo and guns.

  28. Angelo says:

    all wee need to do to walmart is boycott them the same was we did smith and wesson in the 90s when they signed the pack with clinton . their sales dropped 40% in no time almost closing their doors.Two factories were shut down before they were sold to the britsh company. when they were bough back a few years later for 1/3 the money They came out with an assult rifle that put them back in the money. Boycott walmart take you dollars elsewhere for anything to do with hunting or shooting including cloths and gear. we the buyer have the GREEN power lets use it .

    • HCUA says:

      I have not bought anything from Smith and Wesson because of that, and will not. I have a long memory, especially against anyone who helps to destroy the Constitution, the greatest paper ever written.

  29. angelo says:

    doesn’t make a difference what obama does if walmart had any back bone they would order freight cars of ammunition before any new law . it takes days to be put in place with anything done before it’s passing being grandfathered in Sell , sell ,sell~~~ the american way if not boycot walmart we the buyers have the GREEN power as you all know the only way to hurt walmart is mess with their profits

  30. angelo says:

    trust me walmart never gets stuck with anything if they order it from a supply house and can’t sell it they will just cancel the order or return it .

  31. Mike Lynd says:

    If this is true, I smell a lawsuit…. insider information. NO decission has been released to the public. If this pans out and WalMart had been given inside information at its meeting with the President and made ordering decisions based on the future release of information,…. I would LOVE to be any other store that sells ammo that did not get the info…..

  32. FFSteelydan says:

    Every one of you idiots that type your whole shitty comment out in cap-locks are the reason we can’t have nice things…

  33. PO'ed in MI says:

    I just talked to Customer Service myself. 100% accurate, they made the decision to stop re-orders until the White House makes a decision. I’ll never set foot in a Wal-Mart again as long as I live.

  34. pt5540 says:

    I think its Walmarts way of silently going along with Obamas destruction of the 2A. The shelves at 3 stores around here have been empty for a good 3 weeks

  35. xoxozo says:

    Phil W……I’m calling right now on speaker phone to tell them exactly the same thing. The CALL the White house…GOOGLE the video”gun free zone ” if you want a good laugh

  36. JustaMe says:

    One must remember Queen Hillary sat on the board of directors for Walmart. Is there a tie in now? Inside information perhaps? Sam Walton is probably rolling around is his grave right about now.

  37. Go to Lucky Gunner and feast your eyes on their website.

  38. HCUA says:

    I just called Wal-Mart, and they girl was polite and said that she would make a note about my comments, and send them on. There is nothing that she can do, she just takes the message. Among other things, I said that they are setting themselves up for a major, major boycott, which I hope is the case.
    Let’s do it!!.
    By the way, HCUA is the proper designation, not HUAC.
    That is like saying, FIB, instead of FBI, or some other acronym in Washington.

  39. Our Walmart is in a Black area and most of the shoppers and employees are Black. No guns in any Walmart in the State of NJ.

  40. D says:

    Quit your crying and go somewhere else, or maybe learn to reload your own. Bunch a sissies!

  41. I would venture a guess Walmart doesn’t want to get STUCK with thousands of dollars in ammo per store if the prez does his dictator thing and hammers any kind of ammo. It ‘s the MONEY folks. I bet Walmart would sell you a tank if there was a buck to be made. And don’t forget the more scarce something gets, the higher the asking price. Nothing personal just business. Saw an article, even the police are getting short on certain ammo in their armories. BO and the alphabet departments are hogging most of the ammo being made.. I’m thinking the larger TSA, Soc Sec, FBI and Homeland Security vaults are filled to the brim with guns and ammo. BTW, I don’t ever shop Chinamart.

  42. redwolf6911 says:

    Yep, Obama and his radicals are hard at work trashing the second amendment rights.

  43. Mike Seiler says:

    No surprise. Walmart was a gigantic financial supporter of Obama’s campaign.

  44. snoopy says:

    Thats what happens when Wallyworld goes to DC and lays down with the big dog. They get fleas and much worse. They got hornswaggled!! Hey Walmart – I’m outta there!!!

  45. Muriel Katz says:

    obummer and this present government are out of control, traitorous to the nth degree, and MUST BE REMOVED one way or another!

  46. James says:

    Walmart will not lose money if they buy ammo and have to remove it from the shelf. Big business have done this for as long as they have existed. They can file claims and get this deducted at the end of the year and actually make more money because they could not sale it. They are scared to pointed at, Bushmaster wasn’t even the type of rifle that was so called used in CT. The media said Bushmaster and now they are having to close the doors from the back lash. If everyone stops going to Walmart, they will have to shut down. This will allow for the small town shops to be reborn, and bring the dollar back to the people.

  47. Hatterasman says:

    Obama is threatening to do the exact same thing that Hitler did… disarm the population. This is exactly the “government tyranny” that is spoken of in the US Constitution, and the very reason for the Second Amendment.

  48. Mike says:

    People you need to listen very carefully to what these folks are saying. (Assault like weapons) You need to WAKE The F*&K UP.

  49. Hatterasman says:

    Walmart wants out of the gun and ammo business? Great! More power to the mom and pop sporting goods stores that have been hurt by Walmarts being built in every town. Walmart has indeed shot itself in the foot with this decision. I hope that the backlash against Walmart is severe and hits them where it hurts most… in their bottom line. The nationwide gun owners who have been patronizing Walmart for guns and ammo most likely purchase other items there too, like clothing, food, and other necessary items. They will shop elsewhere in the face of this cowardly corporation.

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