New York Police Sergeant Works to Molest Young Children; Gets 28 Year Sentence Instead!!

By Gabrielle Seunagal


On Wednesday, former NYPD sergeant, Alberto Randazzo, was sentenced to nearly three decades in prison for sexual exploitation and child pornography. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender; upon his release from jail, he is mandated to be supervised for up to eight years. This news came as a shock to many New Yorkians who undoubtedly viewed Randazzo as a model citizen and a wholesome pillar of their community. His sentencing was held at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York.


Acting United States Attorney Rohde reported that Randazzo led a “double life.” He served as a dutiful police officer in the spotlight, but in the shadows, Randazzo targeted women and convinced them to sexually abuse their children, before having the women send videos of the heinous and disgusting misdeeds. Randazzo is the epitome of a career sociopath. How does one parade himself as an advocate of law and order while breaking so many decrees? It is shameful and quite terrifying. How many other people are there like Randazzo who have yet to be caught and punished for their crimes?



During Randazzo’s sentencing, it came to light that up to five women complied with his wishes and sexually abused children whose ages ranged from a few months to eight years. Randazzo took the liberty of  leaving New York to personally witness two of his victims’ trauma. In order to cover his tracks, Randazzo ordered the eight year old to be abused in order to erase the child’s memory. Three out of five of Randazzo’s accomplices pleaded guilty. One was sentenced to half a decade in prison while the other two are awaiting trial and sentencing. Many people are speculating about what possessed these women to comply with Randazzo’s orders, but that may always remain a mystery. The most probable explanation can be attributed to mental illness, sociopathy, or both. No woman in her right mind would commit such terrible crimes against defenseless children.



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  • cold340t

    Boy, an Ex-Cop and a Pedo all in one. He is going to have wonderful 28yrs. in General Population.

    • Gil Favor

      in the general population, he won’t last 28 days. or at least I HOPE this will be the case. . . . .

      • John Hankinson

        It’ll probably only take 28 hours before he experiences a 9 inch rectum.

  • Reggin Mudd

    This is definitely not an isolated incident. Anyone in a position of power in the military or police force should be suspect…

    • Gabrielle Seunagal

      I wouldn’t say anyone, that’s a bit of a stretch, IMO. However, I would say that there are a lot more people in power out there like him, probably in Congress and law enforcement. How many have yet to be caught? Very scary.