Obama Administration Proposes 2,300-Page “New Constitution”

by Charles Hugh-Smith

The U.S. Constitution leaves too many areas open to interpretation; a New Constituion of 2,300 pages (+ 200 redacted secret pages) is the solution.

The Obama Administration has proposed replacing the current U.S. Constitution (4,543 words, including the signatures with a 2,300-page “new Constitution” that in the words of an administration spokesperson, “clears up the gray areas in the current Constitution.”

The proposal was launched after the success of two recent 1,000+ page pieces of legislation, the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act.

An additional 200+ pages of the “new Constitution” are redacted due to the sensitive nature of the National Security-related amendments.

Lobbyists from key industries were invited to contribute amendments to the new Constitution;” constitutional legal experts were also invited to submit improvements to the current law of the land.

Some critics who have reviewed the 2,300 pages of the proposed “new Constitution” have stated that the document is impenetrable even to those with law degrees. Average citizens “will be unable to understand the laws that govern their lives.”

Other observers note that the complexity and length of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act are already beyond the comprehension of all but a handful of experts.

An administration spokesperson defended the proposed re-write on the grounds that “the new Constitution will provide the clarity that people want in their Constitution.”

NOTE: this is a parody/satire.

Posts and email responses will be sporadic in October due to family commitments. Thank you for your understanding.


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  • JR

    Links Please!!!

  • Noneya

    Sources? Links? Anything? Beuller?

  • Noneya

    Over my dead body.

    • LookAtThisIdiot

      Yes please.

      • Noneya

        You’ve got a lot to learn.

  • RaDonna Marshall

    This is a farce

    • LookAtThisIdiot

      It really is. Like, it is literally a farce. As in satire.

      Nice crying eagle photo though.

  • Greg Burton

    Since there are up to 500 sheets on a roll of toilet paper, I classify this one as a deal! – Schmoebama

  • Dean Moore

    I really hope there is something to confirm this, Cause this one should start the Revolution That Obama is wanting us to have so bad.

    • Gary Mccallum

      Amen I hope we have one too, a little pay back seems to be in order..

      • Chris Matthes

        Not payback-take back.

      • Sueychop

        Be prepared to die or you don’t understand where this is going.

        • Magnolia377

          Many of those who fought with our Founders lost their lands, their families, and their lives. “These
          are the times that try men’s souls. The
          summer soldier and the sunshine patriot
          will, in this crisis, shrink from the
          service of their country; but he that stands
          by it now, deserves the love and thanks of
          man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not
          easily conquered; yet we have this
          consolation with us, that the harder the
          conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
          What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too
          lightly: it is dearness only that gives
          every thing its value. Heaven knows how to
          put a proper price upon its goods; and it
          would be strange indeed if so celestial an
          article as freedom should not be highly

          Thomas Paine, “The Crisis”, December 23rd,

        • elwynnewman

          I am ready to give my life for my children and grandchildrrren to live as I have for the last 70 yrs.

          • Nancy Pickering Churchill

            I am too, he can’t be serious?

        • chris webb

          I had rather die on my feet, than be a slave on my knees!!!!!!

      • patriot101


        • Nathan Thurman

          Gary was talking to Dean. Dean was talking about starting a revolution against Obama. Your post is completely off base, because Gary was talking as a patriot. The patriot that you wish you could be.

          • Chris Horner

            You lose all credibility, and sound like a liberal when you use offensive language. No matter how truthful Or valid the statement – many will not hear anything you say when you talk like that.

            Remember, WE have to be the civil ones, and not stoop to their level.

          • Nathan Thurman

            I re-read my statement; it’s fine! Was “completely off base” your challenge, or “The patriot you wish you could be” the challenge, or were you meaning to reply the notpatriot101?

        • ShamanBlair

          Keep a civil tongue in your mouth, sir. You are in the company of God-loving patriots, & we don’t deserved to read the foull speech such as the commies espouse,

          • BlahBlahBlah

            Who gives a fuck if you’re offended? Seriously. If you don’t like it… ignore it. Why the fuck should he or anyone else change the way they communicate just because YOU don’t like it? Booohooo… you’re butthurt on the interwebs. I can’t stand people like you and your religious bullshit.

          • gingerdog

            I can’t stand people like you who are unable/unwilling to express yourself without profanity. It’s about respect; self-respect and respect for others.

            No matter what your political or ideological leanings, your lack of respect speaks for itself……and it says, “My mental capacity is limited to and by profanity.”

            It’s quite sad.

          • usaok59

            Very well said. Civility cannot be overstated.

          • Q

            With brute honesty, you can have a profound mental capacity and vocabulary even if you swear like a sailor. Your logic simply implies that you think you’re better than those who swear.

          • Glenn Griffith

            True, but foul language shows laziness and makes you look uneducated no matter what “mental capacity” you may or may not have.

          • mark howe

            people with a limited volcabulary need to use these words to express their emotions

          • Kevin Kellerman

            How about when your emotions and feelings are so raw and egregious
            that those words really do express perfectly what someone is feeling?
            It’s an expression of frustration and despair unparallelled by any other
            words. Simply put you talk nice and nobody listens, you talk louder and
            nobody listens, you scream and nobody listens, you finally lash out and
            all of a sudden you’re the bad guy. Quite frankly this country is on
            the verge of lashing out, and holier than thou types are sipping their
            lattes looking down their noses. Well I have news for you my friends,
            when this finally explodes I’ll be exceptionally entertained by what
            will be coming out of your mouths then.

            Go back to your lofty perch and go back to sleep.

          • mark howe

            I agree with what you say. However, some people use these words all over the place, not just to punctuate a point. When the F word is as much of the speech as the word “the” it is a little too much.

          • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

            I just noticed, that even thou you were reprimanding the one’s that are asking for a civil tongues. You made an excellent point WITHOUT using profanity! If you can do it and have the ability to think and express yourself and your frustration without using it, don’t you think others could do the same? Why is it wrong that the one’s on this thread are asking for some respect?

            The truth is, when people lash out with profanity, the do sound ignorant, and it does not matter how educated they are, it shows that they cannot articulate their feelings through respectful speech. Is that really what we as a group want to convey to the opposition?

          • Summer Day

            How are you any different? If you don’t like what he said…ignore it! He only doesn’t like the language…you don’t like a whole lot of people! Boo hoo ….

          • spank

            You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…

          • Jerrie Hayley Klenk

            Point, check!

          • Mamie

            Boy, that really showed us!

          • Glenn Griffith

            The use of foul language is evidence of a small, uneducated mind.

          • OpinionsMatter

            You BlahBlahBlah, appear to be a hater of Patriotism! He, like myself, believe in God and it is not bullshit. You write about him being offened, yet, you became a tyrant!

          • Richard Ashburn

            Bad language, but his message is correct!

          • Shane M Womack

            So you don’t believe in the First? Freedom of speech? You are a hypocrite. Despite the colorful language, patriot101 does bring valid points.

          • Mamie

            Where does it say that freedom of speech includes being crude & ignorant? My thought is that using such foul language to express one’s anger is the sign of a small mind. It is NOT hypocritical to be “offended” (the new catch word to cover everything) by such language. If those folks have a “right” to speak such low-class gutter talk, what about the “right” of those of us who don’t want to hear or read it?

          • dslog

            you being offended..is not covered by the constitution ….

          • Shawn p

            Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck, swearing doesn’t make you a commie ya fuck.

          • Connie Alsip

            No, it doesn’t. However, being polite is a virtue. One of many seldom thought about, but truly a virtue. However, since it seems to please you to act like a moron, feel free to continue.

          • Mamie

            Your mind must be becoming smaller & smaller by the second! Feel better now?

          • floyd

            he can speak his mind assholes like you are the problem you cannot pick and discard rights they all apply

        • spank

          You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…You are an asshole…

          • Mitchell Horn

            Let me play devils advocate here and bring something to light. THIS is exactly the reason why WE as Americans can not sit down to an agreement. We are too busy bickering between each other over the internet. Foul Language, Politeness. How can we stand up as Patriots (PFC Horn B. CO 404 ASB, Ft. Hood, TX 94 Romeo) if you are going to focus on a few foul words? an American is an American no matter what language they use. To the person fighting back, You are also wrong in that you are trying to prove a point by continuing to use foul language against him when BOTH of you are both dead set on who is right. This is the EXACT same thing our politicians are doing in the White House, Congress and Senate. Fighting WITH each other instead of FOR each other. When I made an oath to uphold the constitution and defend the American people there was no stipulation that stated, “Defend only the people that I like, Defend only those that use the language I used or believed my beliefs it was THE AMERICAN people and that meant ANYONE born on United States soil. So to watch people bicker over the internet (ONE OF THE MOST UNIFYING TOOLS WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE), Its seriously upsetting because if you LOVE your country then you LOVE everyone in it. So do as the puppet masters would have you to do and fight with each other and ignore the men/women in the Congress, Senate and White House that are trying to divide us and when it all goes and your still pointing fingers at each other realize those fingers could have been used to do something more constructive like writing our own bills to overthrow corruption in our capital.

          • Concern

            Nice to see there is actually someone who gets it!! Americans need to unite and fight for a government that is truly BY and FOR the people as it was designed rather than by and for the special interest groups and lobbyists that in return for votes contribute money to campaign funds.

          • jfn

            This sounds like a TRUE PATRIOT! I spent 4 years in the military and am proud of it. Mine was during Viet Nam, but I was stateside the whole time. More than likely this man will spend time defending your rights somewhere other than on USA soil. Right on Mitchell.

          • Saphira Carla Stone

            I love you Mitchell Horn. Finally an intelligent individual who gets it. I was seriously starting to wonder if anyone got it anymore. You are absolutely right. Until we can get over the pettiest arguing and debating we shall never be able to unify. We need to stand up TOGETHER as a country and fight TOGETHER. Well said, well said.

          • Ms.Gee

            I was just going to say the same thing… my first thought was: It sure didn’t take long for our focus to be averted… #shakingmydamnhead

          • American Tim

            The government does its most work when good people are at each other. We need to unite and be after the government. We are split today as much as we were during the 60’s and 70’s, to the liking of the government. they do NOT want a strong, united people. A strong, united people are dangerous to tyrants. Obama has done a swell job of creating a divided America.
            The language used isn’t for me to judge. I am educated and a Christian, and I must confess that what is happening in America makes me want to scream bloody murder and become violent. I refrain from the language, most of the time, but the feelings, someday and some way, are going to explode. I am more angry today than at any time in my life for my concern for generations to come, like my 2 beautiful grandsons… Tim

    • ©?@®£€$ ?€N€¥

      It’s SATIRE people!

      • CorruptionInColumbia

        Are you sure? How do you know this? Did I miss some cues or clues?

        • JakUnlimited

          It’s obvious. The clear parallels with Obamacare are completely obvious. If you think about it for even a second it’s clear. A “new constitution?” Really? That wouldn’t be the sort of thing that wouldn’t make the news, nor is it even possible. There is no provision for the US to scrap the current constitution and make a new one, only to amend it, and that is a long arduous and very public process.

          • CorruptionInColumbia

            Hi JakUnlimited! Thank You for your insight and response! For me, the parallels between this and the other abominations noted were what made it believable and scary. You are right about no provision for scrapping the constitution (by LAWFUL means), but dictators don’t care about doing these things by lawful means. Again, that is what makes this believable and scary to me. Our mainstream media is in bed with the current Administration (dictator wannabe) and while I haven’t noted anything of this magnitude (yet), they love to play the stories that help him and ignore the ones that do not.

            I hope you and the original poster (name unintelligible) are correct that this is simply satire. I for one, do not find it at all beyond the realm of possibility, given our current state of affairs.

            Again, Thank You for your input.

          • oldcoyote

            Obozo will do whatever his jew puppet masters tell him.

          • Jason Lohmeyer

            I thought he was Muslim…and hated Jews…..your facts are retarded. you don’t count.

          • Truth seeker

            Has nothing to do with hate…it’s in the plan it’s called yaqiyya
            Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.”

            There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

          • jenkem5

            Actually dude it’s taqiyya. But the rest is correct.

          • usaok59

            That does explain how Obozo can stand in front of people and lie his brains out…and with a straight face!

          • oldcoyote

            He’s part muslim but takes his orders from the jews. Every word he reads off his teleprompters, which is every word he speaks has been dictated by his jew handlers.

          • Nathan Thurman

            I was never confident that Obama was confident; who he was. Is he black? Is he white? Does he hate whites, or blacks, or both? (Have you observed the in your face genocide against blacks?) Does he hate Jews? Does he hate Muslims? (A recent poll, showed the Obama is losing favor in the Muslim community.) Is he straight? Is he gay, or is he both? Is he a Christian one day and a Muslim the other? Does he just hate everyone? Does he hate himself? Was he born in Hawaii, or Kenya?

            A couple of things are certain:

            1. We have a potus, in comparison to other potus’ that we really don’t know Richard about. We have watched him have close ties in the Jewish, Radical Black and Muslim Communities. Let me know if you need me to site examples. We know that he’s a Marxist/Communist and wants us to be like China, or Russia.

            2. The banksters, like Rothchilds, Rockefellers, etc are the puppeteers. They have been pulling the strings on the potus since even prior to 1913 when the Federal Reserve and IRS Bills were passed. Finally, the Rothchilds are considered Jews and therefore Oldcoyote’s statement has merit!

          • JAMES “SGT. ROCK” WHITE

            His so-called jew puppet masters would not be helping the Muslime Brother-fuckers, and the Libtard Douchebags into taking down a Country that was founded and created by the Original BAD-ASS Mother-Fuckers who stood up to the British Empire to create the epitome of a FREE NATION, Just LIke The Jewish People Did When They Created Israel, Right in the middle of the Beast that we know as MUSLIME-CENTRAL, So old coyote, think with the big head where the brain is supposed to be and not the little one that is activated when you get a hard-on for someone, or SOMETHING !

          • Nathan Thurman

            That was a mind numbing read. *smh* When you look closely into the matter who is controlling The World Bank? Who is controlling The Federal Reserve? Why do I feel like I just time warped back into elementary school?

          • Thomas Darkvane

            Why is it that people like you have to claim that Jews are controlling the prez? No really when did muslims and Jews start getting along? You people always like to say this but never have any proof.

          • usaok59

            If he is following the One World Order plan then there are some Jews behind that. I think his loyalty lies more with the Muslims. How they fit together, or if they even do, is beyond me. He just hates us ’cause he can!

          • Nathan Thurman

            Who do you think the puppeteers are then? Do you really think the potus is acting alone? Do you really think this is all Muslim/Al Qaeda? Other than social issues; how is Obama different than Bush? Didn’t Bush claim to be a Christian, however had strong ties to Arabs and Muslims. I’m interested to hear your take? Have you looked well into the matter? I think it’s is simple as this: what ever it takes to get the damn job done! Who/whom will sell out for the least amount of money? Who will fight for our gangster mafia style banksters in the guise of fighting the war on tyranny?

          • Checkered

            So, being a Jew, I’m rich and powerful, huh?

          • Dan DePriest

            Actually, JamUnlimited and CorruptionInColumbia, the Declaration of Independence, our first founding document, establishes the provision for instituting a new constitution–the self-evident authority of a free people, or any unified people for that matter, to: “. . . alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.” So, in order for there to be a new national Constitution there has to be a new national government instituted by the nation’s sovereign, i.e. We the People, after the sovereign dissolves and disbands the old one. We have that authority. The government exists and functions by our leave and for our purposes alone. Mind you, I”m not recommending we do that. I’m pointing out what so many of us have forgotten or never learned. We the People are the Sovereign of the united States of America, which ARE (not is) a great nation established by charter that We (that is our forebears who bequeathed their sovereignty to us) ratified and which exists by our authorization and no one else’s.

            Problem is, though, We the People are no longer unified by an understanding of this great status we share and that no other national citizenry possesses however democratic or free their societies may be. It’s one thing to enjoy freedom by leave of your government. It’s another thing to be the Sovereign head of a nation who establishes a servant government to protect the Sovereign’s interests. Our minds went abroad generations ago and left a self-empowering bureaucracy in charge that, being intent on protecting itself from the disapproval of a unified people, created, via politics and so-called “social advocacy”, an irreconcilable division cutting through the middle of us as a people. Now We the People are little more than a figurehead sovereignty beaten into submission by political correctness and the stagnating conflict of worldview divisions.

          • EM

            The Declaration of Independence is not a founding document, any more than the federalist papers were. It has no legal authority. It was a statement of principles agreed to by those who went on to establish the government we now have, but you can’t cite it to support a legal argument.

            We could, legally, amend the constitution out of existence, but that’s not going to happen.

          • Grammys Backyard Farm

            Failure to dispute and oppose IS tacit authorization… the great majority of American Sovereigns are too lazy and/or hypnotized by the TV (un)reality shows and subliminal programming to DO anything! This country is unrecognizable to me now… it’s certainly not America anymore! So sad, so sad.

          • Belinda Duras

            and there being no provision to screw with our laws has stopped ovamit how so far?

          • Dave

            I’m with you, but you do know how they got rid of the articles of confederation, right? It was through it’s amendment process. They just wrote an amendment declaring it null and void. The first step in getting a similar amendment to our current constitution passed would be to have an alternative constitution ready. So it is possible.

          • James Hunter

            The news only tells us exactly what OBAMA says it can tell us. If you have not figured that out you are part of the problem.

          • andrew

            yeah, because the news totally reports everything… just keep watching faux news and enjoy yourself. the news these days is so fallible it’s silly. how many news stations have reported what’s going on in DC? maybe one or two if any. people in power try to keep power, and information is power.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Uhm, Jak, there was no provision in the Articles of Confederation to totally scrap it, only to amend it. The Founders were sent to Philly to amend the Articles and make it stronger, not discard it and replace it with the Constitution.

        • Heather A Burns

          Yeah, you missed the word “parody” in the URL.

          • usaok59

            It could be a “practice run” to get people used to the idea that this is coming. Wouldn’t put it past him at all.

        • YourMotherIsACheesecunt

          Hey – if you put your mouse over the author’s name – and the original link says PARODY… think that might be a clue Sherlock?

          • Bridget

            Thank goodness other people check sources!

      • Cheddar_Fry

        I dunno. Satire is supposed to be funny or thought-provoking. This is just stupid.

    • Billy Bob

      Jackson, J., West Virginia State board of Education v Barnette 319 US 624,638 87 Led 1628, 1638, 63 SCt 1178, 147 ALR 674 (1943) (Robert H Jackson, Supreme Court Justice) The very purpose of a Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, free press, freedom of worship & assembly, and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections, why aren’t americans upholding the constitution, you brought all your problems on yourself.

      • Billy Singleton

        They can’t uphold what they don’t understand. Even the so-called “leaders”(supposed to be servants), don’t read legislation and from many of their words, they don’t know the meaning of what they’ve sworn to uphold. I remember being told in school that the Constitution is a living document that is interpreted differently as our society changes. It’s sad really.

        • Neal P. Murphy

          No. It’s more the case that they won’t uphold what they don’t care about. Our supposed leaders don’t know the meaning of the law because they, themselves, have ensured that the law may be interpreted however those in power wish. I believe that may be ‘arbitrary and capricious’. It is at least tyranny. And treason.

      • hiway280z

        Our constitution is a binding contract. Leave it alone.

        • MusicMan83

          Agreed. I don’t know of any gray areas currently in the present Constitution. It seems pretty straightforward to me.

          • Jenkins

            The only gray areas now are the ones the government makes up for their own gain!!! If they want a war they will have one if they mess with our Constitution.

          • Jimbo Velasquez

            It’s only gray to those MORONS.

    • Belinda Duras

      let him go for the Revolution just remember what has happened to all tyrants in the past who’ve tried that before, bye bye king never going to be ovamit we certainly won’t miss you

    • bob

      you better hope not yes he wants a revolution but if you give it to him he declares martial law he becomes a dictator and america exist no longer,

    • Charlie’

      After some extensive searching, there is nothing to back this up. It’s a Copy & Past, word for word. At best guess, it was put out there to get the opposition fired up. Most sites that had it posted, removed it. With that said, NEVER underestimate what this Administration will do to reach their end game – Transformation

    • http://twitter.com/engineman55 engineman55

      Taken From Our Declaration Of Independence

      He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.


      He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to
      our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to
      their Acts of pretended Legislation:


      For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:


      taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and
      altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments: CHANGE?

      For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested
      with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.


      In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in
      the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by
      repeated injury. A “Prince” whose character is thus marked by every act
      which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

      Impeachment would seem to be reasonable if there is no real CHANGE in this administration!

      If All Else Fails Remember This On Election Day!

    • chris webb

      it will start the revolution, bet on it, I would!!!!!

    • Gradivus

      Relax, it’s just a parody. Check Snopes.

    • J Reyes

      It’s a lie and Obama doesn’t want a Revolution.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Um… Since the CURRENT U.S. Constitution states that any law, passed by Congress as written, which is INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO THE AVERAGE MAN is null and void. Actually, it says “as if it never was.”

    Why aren’t The People shouting THIS from the rooftops? “Impenetrable” is NOT an adjective allowed in any law, EVER. So the ACA is “as if it never was.”

    Bring this up when its time to “pay the fine.”

    • LookAtThisIdiot

      Well, at least your name is right.

  • moonman01

    why dont they honor the consitution as it is the supream law of the land ? anew one ha they will change it every time it gets in the way too . ladys and gentilmen its time to hang the traitors that has committed treason to our great republic its the only way to break the pardine we are not a demockrocy we are regestered as a republic and its time to inforce that they work for us we dont work for them get it?

  • Montgomery Scott

    Ow, wow!
    i can’t actually comprehend that there are people who don’t know that this is a SATIRE!

    After the stuff that has been happening, it is ALMOST accurate, though…

    • Rivercity

      Are you kidding? How would that be much different than what’s already been done? No way “satire” is distinguishable from fact with this so-called admin.

      • Montgomery Scott

        In response, i believe that I stated the obvious fact that that this is a satire, and that it closely parallels reality. I was not kidding when I stated the facts regarding this. Did you see a ‘sarc’ tag from me?
        Seriously, the people asking for ‘links’ are kind of pathetic…

  • 1965

    Please listen to what on earth is happening podcast from the beginning and share.

  • Me

    Hog-fucking-wash. Lying sack of shit. NO sources, no quotations, no references, nothing.

    Goddmaned mother-fucking asshole. This may be satire, but it’s in POOR TASTE and does NOTHING to educate, inform, enlighten or assist ANYONE.

    Motherfucking ASSHOLE. Stop with the fear-mongering self-promotion BULLSHIT.


    • Rod Hirtz

      …but how do you REALLY feel ?

      • David Armstrong

        now that’s funny!

    • David Armstrong

      I take it that you don’t like B.O. ?

    • fedupwiththeshit

      Do you believe Obama and his handlers haven’t considered this?
      Bush’s ppl had the patriot act written out year b4 they brought that out.

      • Clive

        Biden wrote the Patriot Act in the early ’90s. Republicans rejected it until it was their idea.

        • Andrew Roy

          No, they rejected it, until 911. Government working with/allowing foreigners, to attack America. Then they had the full support of congress.

          Same thing happened back in 1930. Hitler attacked the reichstag in order to gain control of the country.

          Building 7 is proof of that.

          • fred

            Yes, 7 buildings destroyed by 2 airplanes.

      • fred

        Yes, and they did 911 in order to put it into play.

    • Nathan Thurman

      Maybe your comment has some merit, but you lose merit and credibility when you can’t complete sentence without an expletive. I do give you an “A” for entertainment value, however.

    • Mary

      It’s fine if you disagree with the article, but do it in an intelligent manner next time. This response makes you seem pretty ignorant.

      • Jessica Knorr

        Id say angry and fed up with the BS from both sides but then a few cuss words creating the difference between being credible and ignorant really makes you seem like the ignorant one since some people choose to express anger and frustration in a way in which you do not. Does not make them wrong. Or anything else. Grow up and if you cant deal with a few four letter words Id suggest staying off the internet

        • Nathan Thurman

          Growing up/being mature is conversing without cuss words, or insults. It turns debates into tantrums, or arguments and makes those fighting for the common good look less credible. The person writing the article wasn’t throwing down insults, or expletives and therefore makes it completely ridiculous.

          • Jessica Knorr

            Or perhaps you could be mature and overlook the comment he made instead of feeling the need to call him out on what he said…you and the other who replied to him included in that. I have no idea who he is but feel everyone has the right to express themselves in what method they choose. If he chooses those words to express himself that is his choice. It does not however make him stupid, ignornant or any less or more relevant then anyone else in my opinion because I have no idea what caused him to choose those words or if it is how he communicated on a regular basis. I am 37 years old and am perfectly capable of communicating with using a single expletive but that does not mean I never say them. Just like I can guarantee most if not all who have replied to discuss his choice of words have and will use them in the future so all I can say is unless you have never used those words it makes you a HUGE hypocrite.

          • Nathan Thurman

            Lol, you really thought long and hard about that reply. The Comment, the person made was inappropriate and offensive banter, period. I’m not being a hypocrite, because I can debate a topic without a curse word every sentence. The freedom of speech wasn’t intended for mindless drivel.

          • nathansabitch

            it applies to ALL AMERICANS in anyway they choose to use it… how dare you think you are superior and have the right to dictate the Constitution. People like you need exterminated, period.

          • Nathan Thurman

            Since you’re my b!tch. How have you liked my nuts on your chin? I have no problem fighting fire with fire, but once again; I don’t need to curse every sentence. I am superior to you! Happy??

          • Joseph Price

            Someone hiding behind a keyboard, trying to be a man is no substitute for actually being one. I cuss like crazy on the battlefield, but in public forums, I am a gentleman at all times. Man up, clear it up, or get your account ripped. Many people can complain about your posts to get that done.

          • Nathan Thurman

            ..”but in public forums, I am a gentleman at all times.” Gentleman at all times, aye. Thank you for fighting for the illusion of protecting my freedoms, however how far do you want to exploit hypocrisy? Has it dawned on you yet, that you are fighting for the bankster/thugs cartel in the guise of fighting the war on terror?

            Sir Price, here are some of your gentleman like posts:

            Joseph Price • 4 days ago

            Maybe that friend should teach the f’king retarded ass Democrats. It’s nice to know that educated people all over the world can call BS when they see it.

            Joseph Price • 4 days ago

            Only 2 words?
            Pound sand.
            Get fisted.
            Eat shit.
            Fuck off.
            Shut up.

            Lots of great ways to tell him to mind his own damn business…since he can’t do his job anyway, maybe he should just STFU.

          • Nathan Thurman

            Here’s another classy one:

            Joseph Price • 9 days ago

            Show me the written order that supports your idiotic statement.
            Oh yeah, it doesn’t exist because they CAN’T do something like that. An order to close something like a national monument or park has to come from Obama, you stupid, fucking idiot.

            My guess is; maybe you served low wire Army, however you are no longer deployed. These kind of public statements are not acceptable representation of our armed forces.

            Btw, holding a juggernaut weapon doesn’t make you a man. Standing up, for what is right does. Refusing orders to send shrapnel at innocent men, woman and children, better defines a man.

          • Nathan Thurman

            And let me guess, you’re the little pin neck with Jessica, haha! Yeah, I would slap the crap out of you!

          • Nathan Thurman

            The Constitution wasn’t intended to give you the right to verbally assault others. This proves what a simpleton you are. You sir, are pathetic. I do give you at least brownie points for running to Jessica’s aid. Probably the first time you have ever done so, behind the safety of your PC no doubt. *slow clap*

          • Nathan Thurman

            And no actually they don’t, because if someone talked to my wife in that manner, it would be game time.

          • nathansabitch

            lmao…so cussing is not ok, but violence over words is? YOU SIR, ARE A MORON …and also…go FUCK YOURSELF :)

          • Nathan Thurman

            Thank you, I always wanted my own b!tch. Right on!! People like you hide behind your computers. You are pathetic! A sorry excuse for a man/woman. Highly unlikely you would say that to my face, cause yeah, there would be consequences. So who is the moron? Who is weak? Yeah, that’s right; it’s my little b!tch, lol.

          • Jessica Knorr

            first of all my husband who is in this picture is not the person who replied after me. But then again it just goes to show who stayed classy without resorting to name calling, cussing or any other thig you condemned the original commenter of doing. As for whether the guy (I assume) who replied after me is taking up for me because I cannot handle a little wanna-be tough guy like you that is a complete joke and I greatly appreciate the humor which gave me a good laugh because I have debated better then you in my time. Also thanks for the judgement once again shows your true colors about how you truly feel. And with that I bid you adieu. Have a nice life with your narrow mindset which you have proven tonight you really are no better then the original poster and I did not have to do anything to make you prove that. You did it all on your own. I have been offline for most of the day because I do have a life and my children and chose to spend Sunday with them instead of trolling the internet. One more suggest for you Nathan Thomas…try growing up and expanding your vocabulary. It is really terrible how IGNORANT you truly sound,

          • Nathan Thurman

            Blah, blah, blah, just more trailer park rhetoric. I understand that you can’t handle my repartee, but wow at how much time you have spent typing your circle talk. Adios!!

          • Nathan Thurman

            Let me guess, then you created an account so you could let your mouth spew all over the internet and then pretend it’s somebody else. Your mind is weak!

          • Nathan Thurman

            That was a mind numbing read. In the future, could you use proper grammar? Your sentence structure and spelling was a bit off. For example, better then?? You were better when? If you are better than I, then you would have been able to use “then” and “than” in proper context. Your run on sentence was more than I could handle. Here’s your run on sentence:

            As for whether the guy (I assume) who replied after me is taking up for me because I cannot handle a little wanna-be tough guy like you that is a complete joke and I greatly appreciate the humor which gave me a good laugh because I have debated better then you in my time.

            Here’s how it should read:

            As for the guy, (I created) who replied after me, is taking up for me, because I cannot handle, a tough guy like you, that is a complete genius. I greatly appreciate the humor, which gave me a good laugh, because I have debated better than you, only in my dreams.

            You actually, really suck at debating. I don’t regret calling you my b!tch! That was AWEsome and funny. Never said, I wouldn’t fight fire with fire, however clearly I have demonstrated my resolve and superiority over you; in this debate.

          • Jessica Knorr

            Also just so you know the “pinhead” in my photo is my husband and no he did not reply because he does not need to. I have a mouth which I can use and I can also defend myself without the need of any man coming to my defense. And IF you said what you said directly to my husband I assure you he would feed your nuts to you and make you enjoy it. Because unlike you my husband is a real man A master mechanic and auto body tech which I highly doubt you would have lasted a day or even an hour doing my husbands job. But then again you can always chance what would happen. Id gladly give you my address so you can address my husband directly or are you just a little coward hiding behind a keyboard too?

          • Nathan Thurman

            Trailer park, circle talk.

          • Nathan Thurman

            Nobody was confused about you having a “mouth”.

          • Nathan Thurman

            You’re both a couple of welfare crackheads. Your wife, or significant other couldn’t handle the debate so you had to chime in, which proves, you are both hypocrites. Are you saying that if someone was verbally insulting to your wife, you would do nothing? Maybe the question is rhetorical, cause by the looks of you; you would do exactly that..nothing. Cause that’s what little b!tches do. Haha, thanks for the good laughs; priceless.

          • Nathan Thurman

            You live in a trailer, smoke cigarettes & crack! You curse like a sailor, because you can’t formulate a sentence due to your poor genetics, double digit IQ and, because you dropped out of high school. You dropped out when you got your girlfriend pregnant and her best friend. You are 5,10′ and weigh 175 lbs. You get winded when you walk out to the parking lot to find your car. You can’t hold a job and your are constantly milking the welfare system. Did I miss any salient points?

          • sickandtired

            I might add that if someone is going to go to the trouble of making a point, and then uses offensive (to some, although I would tend to say most) language, the point gets lost in the curse words and the vulgarity. So, why even go there if you want your point or your voice, to actually be heard and counted. Would you (or “ME”) talk to your mother or your grandmother like that?

          • Jessica Knorr

            oh and I take it that calling someone ignorant for their choice of words is not an insult or is only ok to insult those who you feel have an inferior intellect than you?

          • Nathan Thurman

            Jessica, I have already explained this; “The person writing the article wasn’t throwing down insults, or expletives and therefore makes it completely ridiculous.”

          • Nathan Thurman

            Further, I don’t recall making a statement that the comment was “ignorant”.

    • David

      Wow! Another paid Obama poster. These stupid paid college kids would never talk like that in person. They cowardly hide behind their keyboards. What a loser. Some day they will be forced to grow up.

      • Nathan Thurman


      • fuckingidiotseverywhere

        the word you are looking for…is POSER,what a fucking idiot you are. Lmao @ poster…seriously, you have much more to worry about than someones choice of expression when you are confused by 4 and 5 letter words. Maybe you and nate should date.

        • Tom

          People can curse, but when you say a curse word in every sentence is wrong and that is breaking down are morels in this society. I hate when I here parents yelling at there kids calling them everthing in the book. The break down of the Morels of Sosiety in America.

        • Nathan Thurman

          It’s the only thing he could think of with my nuts on his chin! Don’t be offended, David.

          • Jessica Knorr

            wow showing how classy you really are once again. Didnt take long LOL

          • Nathan Thurman

            Indeed, thank you! I do have some pretty classy nuts.

    • elliotthelen12860@gmail.com

      and all your Fowl Talking shows just how smart you are! you Fowl Talk alot and say Nothing!

  • Allen Benge

    Will someone please impeach this a**hole? We do noit need a ‘new’ Obama-inspired Constitution. He need to simply support and defend the one we have, as he swore to do when sworn in.

  • RHLee

    Thank you, Charles ONION-Smith

  • AlfredLehmberg

    Ummmmno… this is another Repugnican dog whistle I’m betting, eh? And when the dog shows up? They neuter him. Repugs extinct in 2014!

  • Kepano24

    yeah where are these sources at……as it stands this is a bs story without any proof

  • Gary Mccallum

    Now you see we put these idiots in charge and they think they are geniuses hell they can not even run a country and they damn sure can not balance a check book and now they are trying to get out their crayons and attempt tom rewrite our Constitution,this is a load of BS… stick to what you know or what you think you know , well wait a minute they don not need a minute to figure that out, hell they do not know their ass from a hole in the ground… Leave our constitution alone!!! We do not need a bunch of morons trying to fix something that is not broke , the only thing broke here is our country and we can say thank you to mr Obama and all his little thief’s that work for him in the government for that ,,

  • rtm

    I wouldn’t doubt the BO is thinking it but as for this goes I am with everyone else links, back up and proof. If the proof is available and has been printed it is treason, so lets see proof.

  • francissonofcharles

    They are doing this for the People’s benefit, of course. Big Business and Big Politics will gain nothing I’m sure!

  • David McElroy

    OUTRAGEOUS! The president has no authority to initiate any process for replacing the US Constitution! And to think that only corporate lobbyists and legal think tanks were invited to give input is galling! The US Constitution was drawn up by the original 13 states, ratified by the following 37 states, and is binding contract forming the Union of these United States. The Constitution clearly specifies the processes that must occur to amend or replace the Constitution, and what Obama proposes totally disregards those authorized processes. The man is treasonous & subversive! Let impeachment and prosecution begin swiftly!

  • chas

    nothing but adds here

  • dahart

    Over my dead body!!!!

  • Samuel Clemens

    wasn’t common sense about eating children? You remember any quoted sources
    in that work? excellent piece and well stated. it’s always refreshing when the essence of the issues at hand are distilled to their most unadulterated spirit.

  • StormFront1488

    This is so ridiculous I almost believed it…

  • DiMarco

    YOU don’t Yell FIRE in a Theater and laugh it off as a PARODY…I do not care what your f’n point is…THEREFORE, you do not yell REVOLUTION in a forum of AMERICANS and not expect to take responsibility/accountability for such a blatant slap in the face.
    This article is shameless if it is for commercial benefit, insensitive to the those here who are trying to push the boulder of Liberty up the hill of the sh!t pile we call DC, and just plain dis-respectful to men and woman who are at the ready to take physical action should these false representatives actually try to institute a 2300 page constitution.

    The author better find the creator’s forgiveness and step up really quick, or he and those you are part of this ‘stunt’ may find themselves accountable like others who yell fire in a crowded theater are held to task.

  • Rivercity

    the stupid ad is in the way/no x to close it – be nice to be able to read the article

  • usmcmailman

    We need a new President, not a new Constitution !

    • Eileen Kuch

      I second the motion. The Constitution cannot be legally trashed and replaced with a new one by one dictator wannabe, since it was written in a way that the only way to change the Constitution is through the Amendment(s) process; and, as was said before by another poster (with whom I totally agree), this process takes a long time. First, it must be approved by two thirds vote by Congress, followed by ratification by 3/4 of the state legislatures. The ratification process is the most difficult part, however.

      If B.O. thinks he’s going to replace the current Constitution, which has been in effect (counting all amendments) for over 200 years, he’s living in a fantasy world; or, he’s totally evil.

    • Amy

      No, we need voters to actually care about the Constitution to vote anyone out that doesn’t uphold it.

      • James Hunter

        We need electronic voting outlawed! HOW IN HELL CAN YOU RECOUNT AN ELECTRONIC VOTE!!!

  • fedupwiththeshit


  • ipaul


  • federaljackbootskissourass

    can someone please launch world war three where we can all meet our maker this world of Odummies is worse than being taken over by real aliens ….

  • Truth!

    Hell NO! F__k NO! Shit NO!
    Nothing grey needs to be cleaned up, except the White House!

  • ipaul

    I love the smell of civil war in the morning…an American Spring.

  • JAFO425

    Satire or Truth who knows. However, since BO has already ignored the real Constitution he’s just as likely to ignor the next. Should he find it inconvenient!

    However, I’d bet money that any new Constitution he brings in will include the need for a putting green in His new oval office in the Natiional Mosque … Sorry White House.

  • Barn Cat

    The link is to a parody website.

  • Gary

    Can’t read the article because of advertising blocking the page. Not a very smart web site.

  • markww

    this is communist over throw. Two weeks ago Bill Clinton said it THE USA would get used to communism,and here it is. A communist Constitution

  • WhatWillYouDoWithoutFreedom

    Tho original is written at a 7th grade reading level and they can’t understand it. So now we need one 2300 pages long that the lawyers can’t interpret to clear up the problems of the original. The only place you can find this kind of stupid is Washington or Hollywood.

  • markww

    if you left click on Charles hugh smith you will see his story

  • joiceeanne

    This is a parody piece (not that I doubt he’s probably working on something like it!) but the article is a parody. Click on the source and look in the address line of the original author.

  • elaina


  • Johannan Baptiste

    over my dead body will this happen.

  • Bill

    this lunatic in the white house must step down now America, or you wont have a nation left with moral laws and if he does accomplish it, you wish you all were dead., its time for his impeachment ,it cannot be put off any longer, he is a sedionist and a treacherous treasonous piece of African trash.

  • Oathkeeper32

    You all do realize he doesnt need to change the constitution. He has already changed everything he needs to in oder to do whatever he need to do to us and he will be a ok. Just check out NDAA signed in December 2011. No Dues Process Rights for American needed in the name of terrorism so he need not bring charges against us and the kicker is that he can assasinate us at will. Why do you think questions are not being asked when that kid was shot 7 times in a FBI interrogation room in the USA held by FBI Agents. Oh and btw he was unarmed…. FYI

  • Oathkeeper32

    Why else did he purchase 2,700 MRAPS for domestic use and 1.6 Billion rounds that would sustain a hot war for 20 years, not to mention the pregnant women NO-Hesitation/children targets our American Domestic Enforcers are practicing on like DHS. Hmmmm Wake up People!!!!

  • Paul Meers

    Screw this pooch – no way Barry.

  • Michael Laprise

    there are black people then there are niggers Obama is a nigger.

  • rawiron1

    Anyone wanting a 2,000 page constitution is an idiot.

  • Yo mon

    Wow! Plz verify if true!!

  • Later

    Your ads made it impossible for me to read your article !!! Never coming back.

  • rmanlove

    We all seem to see the little picture, myself included. It is how most have been taught, over the past 50 years or so, to see the world around us. My friends, whether this article is true or false is not the real story. The real story is we, as a civilization founded on principals such life, liberty, and perhaps even happiness, have allowed this great and blessed nation to deteriorate to such a level that this article would even need to be written. Yes, one and all, we have failed at our constitutional duty to maintain our founding principals. “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union…”, has stood as a clarion call to all citizens of this nation since those words were first written. How many teenagers can even utter those few words today? How many so-called “adults” can tell us where those words may be found? It is time for the people of this Republic relearn these words and then view the bigger picture. There is nothing cryptic to this, just a simple understanding of the few words this nation was founded on. If we cannot even remember those few words then perhaps we, as a people, deserve the full wrath of those we allow to control this society. I know in my heart that isn’t the case just yet. Nonetheless, to prevent this grand experiment from its demise, we the people, must stand together now and throw off the burden of tyranny and slavery placed around the necks of every citizen. Regardless of race, religion and all of the great things this socialism has rewarded us with, we ALL MUST STAND NOW!!


    It will NEVER fly!