The Government is Building Underground BUNKERS on a Mass Scale!!!!

Mac Slavo
October 26th, 2010

The US Government Is Prepping For Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids – Are You?

Your run of the mill prepper is likely stocking up on food, water, SHTF gear, guns and ammo for any number of doomsday scenarios that may occur – be they natural disasters or man-made catastrophes. Often times, those who take emergency preparedness seriously – especially longer term preparedness – may be depicted in the media, and perhaps by neighbors, friends and family, as a little out there. If they’re not being told to do it through their normal information acquisition channels, chances are that those around you don’t believe it’s real or even possible, thus they take no action, other than to maybe vilify you for your thoughts on the matter.

But, while the majority of Americans may not believe in the very real possibility of the occurrence of far-from-equilibrium situations, the fact of the matter is that the US government has been preparing for SHTF and TEOTWAWKI for decades.

If one had to guess, due to a lack of statistical data, one might say that the single largest preparedness goods and services consumer in the world is the U.S. government. They plan for all sorts of disasters.

We know from reactions to questioning during Oliver North’s testimony over the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980’s that the US government has alternate systems of governance already in place – referred to by some as “the shadow government. We may balk at the idea of a non-elected government standing by to take over, but from the standpoint of preparedness it only makes sense, doesn’t it?

We also know, for a fact, that the US government has built secure bunkers in the past to protect high value personnel like the President of the United States and other elected officials. This was confirmed prior to and during the September 11th attacks, when President Bush and Vice President Cheney were reportedly transferred to secure, undisclosed locations.

In 2006, the EU and other interested parties commissioned the building of a seed bank about 430 feet above sea level, deep inside a frozen mountain, with the hope being that if the Earth was ever threatened by a large scale catastrophe like climate change, nuclear war or an asteroid, the human population would retain access to the many varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants available in modern society. The so-called Doomsday Vault was built by the EU and other governments quickly and efficiently over a period of 18 months and houses millions of seeds from around the world. The rapid deployment of the vault has lead some to speculate that a global catastrophe is imminent.

In Conspiracy Theory 2012, with Jesse Ventura, we learned that the U.S. government is still engaged in the building of massive underground bunker systems. According to Ventura, one of the largest has been built under the new Denver airport. In fact, the US government is reportedly building so fast and so widespread, that private contractors in the bunker business are having a difficult time obtaining necessary equipment and supplies to continue their developments.

We even have an entire department, funded by taxpayers to the tune of $6 billion per year that is specifically tasked to deal with disaster scenarios. We normally only hear about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes, but they are responsible for responding to all major emergencies across the country. According to some, but denied by many, FEMA has even built refugee camps to deal with millions of people who may be displaced in large scale emergencies or during a declaration of martial law.

Anecdotal reports over the years suggest that the largest buyer of freeze dried goods from major freeze dried food manufacturers is none other than the U.S. government. One of our recommended emergency preparedness partners indicates that they serve not only retail customers, but government entities as well, including the Transportation Security Administration, US State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security.

The government is and has been preparing for something, perhaps many things, for decades. The very existence of FEMA and Department of Homeland Security suggests that they are planning for wide a variety of possibilities. To be clear, the fact that they are planning for something doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen – just that it’s a possibility.

And how far out there is the US government when it comes to disaster planning and gaming emergency scenarios?

Consider an October 25, 2010 report from AOL News discussing the potential threat from an incoming asteroid. It may be the stuff of science fiction movies for most, but for White House Office of Science and Technology Policy director John Holdren it’s a possibility that cannot be ignored. In a series of letters to Congress Holdren outlines a plan for protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth; and implementing a deflection campaign, in consultation with international bodies, should one be necessary. The plan includes collaborative efforts between governments and militaries around the world in the event that NASA spots an incoming asteroid.

If nothing else, this proves that there are agencies within the US government that dedicate time, money (lots of it) and resources to the study of scenarios that can be considered The End of The World As We Know It.

Those very same people – your neighbors, friends, and family members – who may consider your personal preparedness efforts a little over the top would likely agree that the government spending billions of dollars on emergency preparedness is worthwhile project given the many possibilities for calamity to occur.

The issue, however, is that the government may be spending billions, but they cannot possibly prepare for widescale, total collapse situations where tens of millions of lives are at risk. It is simply not possible.

Our government, even if they tried, would not be able to stock enough food and resources for the entire population of the United States. They can’t possibly respond to widespread catastrophes that may include simultaneous nuclear, biological or chemical attacks on multiple U.S. cities, or an electromagnetic pulse threat from a rogue nation, or even a solar flare that threatens our power grid infrastructure.

The takeaway from understanding that the government is preparing for disasters is to acknowledge that, in an emergency, you and your family may be left floating up SHTF Creek without a paddle. The FEMA web site makes an effort to inform people that each individual should be preparing for emergencies themselves, though most Americans have ignored this, or are simply unaware that the recommendations exist.

In Food and Water in an Emergency (pdf) FEMA makes it clear that they may not be able to provide assistance. If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, or other disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for days or even weeks,warns the report. The recommendations, similar to those we have made in our emergency preparedness reports over the last couple of years, suggest that everyone take responsibility for themselves, “by taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your entire family.

The US government is preparing for large scale disasters. Are you?

  • rb

    question is, where can we “dead” people find bunkers in middle Norway or middle Sweden. where we can have a stand to survive this.
    anyone who knows any details about safe zone’s or Deep underground bunkers. please contact me.

  • Arack

    Why Are we not making sure we are all protected from these contingentcy’s, not having to rely on the goverment bunkers and FEMA to pull the healthy selected people to shelter and leaving the weak to fend. We are looking for love with eliets who don’t love us.

  • Angel

    I live in florida, my boyfriend and I are planning on leaving and heading to OAKLAHOMA or somewhere around that area, we dont know anyone out there but we need to get out of florida. I am trying to get together a survival group, if anyone lives in florida or anywhere else that wants to meet up in OK, email me Subject: Survival Group.
    We are planning to leave florida within the next 3 weeks so be ready if you are serious. Better safe then sorry. Yes there will be a mass population deduction, but at least all us people on the east coast need to give ourselves a fighting chance. I am serious about this so contact me ASAP people.

    Also if you have been trying to open peoples eyes and they keep brushing it off, at the end of the day you cant save others if you aint saved yourself, so worry bout those closest to you and GET OUTTA TOWN asap. Stay away from populated cities. Message me if you are willing to meet and wait this battle out with others. No skills needed but we could sure use some people with skills. The best skill is the will to live, when you have the will to survive, you can accomplish the unthinkable.

    Good luck to all of you. God bless.

    • People are the problem

      so are you all still sitting out there… 3 years later….derp-aderp

  • james

    Why hasn’t any of teh 1000’s of bunkers builders or conractors come forward & verify this?

  • Brooksboyz

    I am new to all this.anyone who might have any information. Please contact me .

  • jim hough

    im interested in finding others that are willing to invest in a atlas 4 site, or any decommsioned hardened site. there are many left in the midwest.some for as little as 18,000. i have some money but need others to help
    . e-mail me asap jim

  • jim hough

    im looking for others interested in investing in hardened sites. atlas 4 titan 2 ect. any hardened bunker can be a safe haven. jim

  • Linda in Oregon

    Please take preparedness serious! Only you or true loved ones will be there by your side in a common effort to guarantee your best chances of survival.
    Take time to gleen all you can about galactic alignment, polar shifts, solar flares and radiation, astroid strike, not to count ALL of the predictions from antiquities that talk of the comeing of end times for this era of humanity as we know it today.
    Head for ground higher than 500ft above sea level and preferably under earthen protection thicker than 10ft thick. Then store there enough food and water for each person that will be there with you for a minimum of 1 month. Make a plan to all meet there when and if!!!
    REMEMBER TO PACK: food(types of foods stored/cooked later depends also on water supply), means to catch food,water(also water purification) first aide, protection(gun etc.), meds., hiegene, heat(fire makeing, etc.), lighting(energy by cranking/shakeing or candels)bedding, clean clothes, etc. Emergency radio will be helpfull as long as stations are able to broadcast?
    Being prepared takes indepth thought, planning and money. YOU BETTER GET STARTED IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY……..GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!

  • Jaxson

    These are facts…US Government have retracted the majority of our Armed Forces back to the US hence several base closures overseas in the last 15 years. Also, we had have a major drug shortage and I spoke to 4 manufacturers and was told that the US government has been purchasing the bulk of all the medication using the FEMA act. The US government knows something we don’t and they are not going to share this information with the public.

  • Jordan

    Basic needs:Camo Outfit,Steel Toe Boots,Wool Socks and Gloves,Thermals,Sweat Pants(you need to be flexable for any situation),Perka Coat,Hooded Sweater,Wool Hat.WHY? Cause no matter what the crisis may be,you need to be warm.We as a people rely on electicity to much,That is going to be the first thing to go.Surviving Utensil:10IN Hunting Knife,10FT Rope,Box of Matches and Pack of Lighters(Backup),LED Flash Lights(More Power Less Energy),Fishing Line and Hooks,Duck Tape,Sewing Kit(Remember no doctors),Antiseptics,Aspirins,Ibprophins.Last but not least.I DO NOT PROMOTE VIOLENCE but everyone needs to ARM themself with a GUN of some sort.There are going to be all types of people out there,it’s all about survivel.I dont see the need of buyin food and storing it when not knowin the situation.If, it was a flood tomorrow,you and all the food is underwater,now what?If, it was an earthquake tomorrow,you would not be safe underground.All im sayin is to pack light,you will always be on the move.When, shyt hit the fan the government will take care of its own not you;2012 is the year mankind will be tested. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.

  • John Kevin Norman

    Phil Schneider revealed US underground construction. btw, this for our 2nd Sun. don’t believe? read Isaiah 24

  • John Kevin Norman
  • johnny appleseed

    Hahaha this site is comical , first off if an asteroid hits the earth nothing can save you , not even any man made underground , secondly if you think the government is going to save you or help you in any way then you have been falsely informed and no man can predict the end of the world especialy if they can’t even predict the weather lol !! good luck buying into this nonsense :)

    • ray

      They are talking Solar Flares affecting Us, Not Getting Hit by an Asteroid.

  • Destiny

    I think its important to be prepared. I have started to prepare myself and my family. I am currently living in chile and i know another earthequake will hit here. But if the people are right about solar flares, meteror showers and all that i at least will know i tried…and not last minute running around with nothing. The ones who dont prepare will be the ones hunting the ones prepared. But we will be ready for that too.
    Be safe…live long and prosper

  • nate

    If it’s your time to die, it’s your time to die.

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J/C

    Question? How long do you feel that you could really survive and at what level. Most people can’t handle 3 days without a shower, much less for cellsphones and computers. Most people even those who think about preparing for the worst have no clue what is involved mentally, physically, emotionally. This isn’t like going camping for a weekend this is it for a very very long time if not forever.

  • Bucman

    All I can say is remove all jewelry, remove all restrictive clothing, place your head firmly between your legs and kiss your azz GOODBYE!!!

  • Sissy

    How does the world end in the book of revelation? By Jesus no one else.Jesus said not
    to hide in the mountains everyone will be found.
    or something like that. So face what you did in life cause we are all going to deal with the
    conciquences.If everyone really understood what God plans for us no one would be afraid.
    Ask how to read the bible and get understanding of it. doesnt hurt

  • livforfam

    Fuck the government get to higher ground. Think about ur loved ones and hope that you’ll all meet another life this shit scares me. So much

  • Dan

    if this shit happens would you really wanna still be alive?

    The only survivors would be all the elite arseholes that are responsible for everything that is wrong with the planet today…

    my advice stock up on booze and drugs, you dont wanna be sober when a 100ft tidal wave hits that could be painful

  • Charles

    So I read a comment about why the people building these bunkers come forward and verify it. Well today on History channel that there are in fact bunker makers whose main customers are in Washington DC. Hmmm. How convenient. And they are being made large enough to house 25 people and some are even large enough to house entire neighborhoods. But there are some that are being built very posh and upscale with 8 foot ceilings and gyms. Wonder who those are for?

  • Believe

    All I can say is start reading revelations. If you don’t understand the concepts ask God you to give you understanding and wisdom to recognize of the signs of the end times. Jesus Christ himself does not know the day or the hour until his appointed time. He will be coming back to earth to rule as King. Before the total blow comes to earth there will be a calling up of souls called the rapture. There will be some people still left here on earth to endure the scolding of the earth. God’s promise to man is that he will never take a total blow to the earth again since the days of Noah. Something is going to happen but I don’t think bunkers are going to help. Scriptures say, I cried out to the rocks and the rocks cried back, no hiding place. You can run but you sure can’t hide. It doesn’t hurt to make preparation just in case.

  • Jo Anna Johannesen

    I believe in being prepared…but I am on a cpap and oxygen at night…all the preparations i do cannot afford me the opportunity or ability to stock pile electricity to run my medical equiptment. So I will just have to open my arms, Enbrace God, trust that he will do what he feels is best for me, for my family, and for the world. But I hope he can find it in his heart to teach the Government a lesson and smash them first!!! ;-/

  • Gardum

    The funniest thing is going to be all those fools that believe in God to help them may as well hope that Santa and the Easter bunny give a hand as well. I read some where that some one said some one will help those that help themselves ? Eye for an Eye all those very useful comments. The simple fact is Solar flares are not made up they do happen on a regular basis and as some one else said we play Russian roulette with the sun every day. I for one will be glad to see Electricity go for a few years and get people back to reality. Back to the land and out of the massive sterile cities we have made. Imagine all those living in Penthouses when they have no electricity at least they will get lots of exercise going up and down the stairs. I have prepared by growing a lot of different foods, sourced the closest water supply (not my garden tap ;) ) and collected a good supply of fresh non tampered with seeds. If the solar activity gets to a point we lose electricity at least I can do what I used to do as a young man on the farm I grew up on look after the plants and eat good wholesome food again and maybe have an actual conversation with some one instead of glued to a TV or Mobile phone lol. I for one am looking forward to a world with out all the so called luxuries and all the chemicals they try to force on us for a minor head ache or a common cold and such. Some say it could take up to 3 years to recover, that would be fine if the factories making the parts to repair the grid all work ? How many people will die in the first 3 months with no clean water or fresh food to eat, that my friends will be the only thing I will be sad about if we lost the grid. Cheers and good luck to all if it really happens as we won’t be blogging to tell each other how we are doing :)

    • Cillendor

      How is that the funniest thing?

    • Concerned Christian

      So if a fool is the man whom believes in God how foolish is the man whom trusts his own miniscual abilities or other men’s minute abilities? I hate to rain down facts on your self trusting parade but no bunker built into the crust of this fragile planet will withstand a solar flare that is large enough to reach it’s deadly fingers to God’s earth. The only hope we have is to pray for HIS protection and not rely on those of us foolish enough to think we have a plan that will withstand the ferocious power of His created nature.

  • Joe

    Sissy, it actually says the exact opposite. Jesus said to run for the hills, not to go back home for a coat if you are in the fields…just run. He also said woe unto those who give suck (speaking of women with infants) and to pray that it didnt happen in winter. Go back and read the text you are attempting to quote.

    Believe (poster above), Jesus Christ does know the exact day and you can too. The exact day is 7 years exactly from the time of the signing of the treaty between isreal and the antichrist. The bible does say that Jesus himself knows not the time of the rapture…that it will be as a thief in the night. But the second coming of Jesus is given to us repeatedly and specifically.

    I’m all about encouraging others to read their bibles. I’d also encourage those who wish to quote religious text to actually have an understanding of it themselves before seeking to inform others. Wannabe Christians do more damage to Christianity than any athiest ever could.

    • john holmes

      you know the bible is fake right, did i just turnyour whole world upsidedown jesus freak

  • thatone

    it doesn’t matter if they build these bunkers there’s no hiding from the end of the world, Ive been in 5 different d.u.m.b’s and I must say the one under the Denver airport is the biggest but when the end of the world happens theres no hiding from it cause only god knows when it’s going to happen and when it does that’s it, it may make us feel safe that we’re building them but, let me ask you this how safe will they be if the entire planet is destroyed it really wouldn’t matter if your under or above ground, we’ll all parish, there’s no stopping or hiding from it unless your the big man himself, pick up a bible people stop thinking these places are a safe haven, cause they’re not, its just supposed to make the government feel safe and in control.

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  • Leonardo Z. Arenas

    Reality of such “scenarios” are inevitable! It is only that the government has right not to disclose “classified” information for public consumption.


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  • Bryton

    I’m only 16 and prepare way more then anyone my age or even my own family…my family thinks I’m weird for it but I have everything that would be needed if SHTF I have helmets…gas masks…filters by the dozens….stored food such as MREs, canned food, freeze dried food, beans and stuff like that, I have water stored I have those big ones you get from like lowes or Home Depot stored in my closet where I don’t have much room for clothes anymore, I have a Bug out bag packed and ready along with my girlfriends bug out bag, I have all the essentials of survival in those bags…I have a bug out location where NOBODY knows about except me and my girlfriend and her mom…. It has an under ground shelter not big but big enough for 3-4 people and those food stored there is well I check what’s good and what’s not every month…people may think I’m crazy and have nothing else better to do but your better to be prepared then to not be when something happens…I have people that I could call right now and them be here within seconds if it got really that bad….that are in militias and such sooooo I think I’m ready.. Does anyone think so?

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